‘No matter what happens, you will be the center of my life’: The bride of a slain Navy SEAL and her bride-to-be explain the wedding in their own words


— No matter if she lives to be 100 or to be in jail, Jillian Anderson has to face the ultimate choice: stay home, or be the heart and soul of her husband’s family.

Anderson, the wife of Navy SEAL Robert Anderson, and her two children are expected to marry at a reception on Sunday at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

They are expecting the wedding of their lives, and have pledged their allegiance to their late father, Navy SEAL John Anderson Sr., a decorated Vietnam War veteran.

The ceremony, set for 7 p.m. on the lawn of the National Museum of the U, is the latest twist in a life story that has taken in both the military and the political arena, with the bride being the daughter of Gov.

Jay Nixon.

A year ago, the couple wed on the same day at a military chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

She was a little girl and he was a senior enlisted man, a decorated Army veteran.

The ceremony will mark the first time the couple has been married in public since they moved to Missouri in 2015, when they met in a small town called Fort Riley, Missouri.

After spending five years in Iraq, they moved back to Missouri, where they raised two sons.

It was their first time in Missouri and the state was in a state of shock, with more than 50 people killed in a mass shooting that took place at a nightclub in Aurora, Colorado, in July 2012.

The couple spent three months in Fort Riley before heading to Annapolis for their wedding in April 2019.

Their first day in the state came with a big crowd, but it was also the first day they had ever met the Governor of Missouri, Democrat Joe Manchin, the first sitting governor to accept the title of Commander in Chief.

Anderson was elected governor in 2018 after winning the election by a landslide.

She and her husband have served together since he joined the Navy.

On Wednesday, the pair and their family will be honored in the U of M Senate Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute to the legacy of the Navy SEALs.

It was the first such ceremony at the university, which was founded by John Adams.

In the months leading up to the wedding, they spent months traveling across the country and talking to family and friends.

They are preparing for a reception with the support of family and their close friends.

They will be joined by other members of the Anderson family, including her father and sister-in-law.

In the weeks leading up, Jillians mother, Linda Anderson, will be hosting a special memorial service for her daughter at the Navy National Museum in Annacas hometown of Columbia.

The two have already started preparing for the ceremony.

The two spent three weeks with their daughters in Hawaii, where Jillian was a freshman in high school.

She and her daughter, who is expecting a second child, will travel to Missouri to join her parents at the ceremony, which is expected to last four hours.

The couple has a history with the Navy, where their father served in the Navy for almost a decade, the family said.

He was a proud member of the Naval Academy and his daughter has served in some of the most important positions on the ship, they said.

He is a decorated World War II veteran and her father was an Army Ranger.

The day of the ceremony will be preceded by a ceremony at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which Jillian and her family say they are grateful for.

The church has been a part of their life since her parents were married.

They are also planning to attend the dedication of the USS Missouri Memorial, which will be dedicated at the naval academy on Monday.