How to build your next flat iron with the help of your neighbors

How to use a flat iron to fix an ankle strap flat.

The trick is finding a good spot.

If you’re using the wrong size, you may have to put the stud in the wrong place.

If the stud is too small or too high, the flat will slide down and damage your ankles.

And if you’ve got a tight spot, you can still get the stud to line up perfectly.

Learn how to use an iron with a flat to fix a flat.1.

Make a hole with the iron.

Find a good place to use the iron and cut out a hole in the ground.

Put the stud through the hole, and secure the stud by cutting a piece of fabric to fit through the holes.

You can also use a screw driver to tighten the screw.2.

Insert the stud into the hole.

Make sure the stud comes out clear.

You want to be able to see the stud on the floor.

If it doesn’t, make sure the iron is on the ground before you place the stud.3.

Screw the stud down.

Make certain the stud does not slip out from under you or you’ll damage the iron (this is the “croc” flat iron).4.

Insert your shoe.

You may need to use both hands to hold the stud and your shoe in place.5.

Install the stud onto the ground using the screw you just cut out.

If this works, it’s time to get started!6.

Carefully insert the stud back into the ground, making sure to make a clean hole in it.

If necessary, you’ll want to use some kind of tape to secure the iron onto the floor (see step #5).7.

Take your time.

Don’t rush it.

You’ll probably need to cut out more studs to make sure everything is good.

And make sure you’re careful with the nail, which could puncture the flat if you’re careless.

If there’s no hole in your floor or you’re not sure what to do, you could have a flat that will just slide down.

You’re not doing anything wrong, so don’t worry.