‘Halloween in the Flat’ in London: A new exhibition opens at The Royal Albert Hall

A new London exhibition is coming to the Royal Albert on October 15, featuring a “flat fish” exhibition from the 1950s.

“Halloween In The Flat” features a number of rare prints, rare prints by the likes of John Cage, the iconic American photographer, and photographs from the period, from the 1940s to the 1960s.

The exhibition will also feature prints by artists from the 1960-70s.

Among the works is a print of a flat fish from the 1930s, titled “The Flat Face.”

The flat fish was an iconic London landmark from the late 1930s to early 1960s, and is one of the most famous images of the time.

It was created in a series of drawings by Cage and his collaborator, William Ritchie, and later sold to the British Museum in 1964.

“It is very important to me that people come and see this exhibit and learn more about the history of the flat fish,” said curator of curatorial exhibitions and exhibitions, Laura O’Hara.

“The idea of this exhibition was to present the history in a new light.”

A number of prints were also exhibited, including the “Hedgehog”, a print by the Dutch photographer Jan Huygens.

“This was the first time that I had a photograph in my portfolio that I was able to display,” O’Heaara said.

“I was delighted when I saw this print and I immediately knew that I wanted to display it.

I also knew that we needed to display the images that I chose.”

Another new exhibit will be displayed in the galleries of the Royal Victoria Museum.

“Flats in London,” a three-day exhibition of prints from the London Flat Art Gallery, will open on October 16.

The work of art includes works by a number the Royal College of Art, the Royal Society of Arts, and the Royal Academy of Art.

“Flats is a very significant period in London history and one that we will be working to preserve,” said Victoria University Curator of Prints, Sarah Knecht, “We want to celebrate the period through the exhibition and to show the world that this is not just a story about London.”