How to use the flat isher

In India, you don’t want to use a flat ishers because it can cause serious health problems.

However, this article is here to show you how to use one to clean your flat without breaking it.1.

Put the flat washers in a container.2.

Shake them well and gently.3.

Then, add water.4.

Shake it well and slowly.5.

When you are finished, you can take them out and place them in a bucket of water for 10 minutes.6.

Repeat steps 2-6 for another 10 minutes until all the water has been added.7.

Once you are done, put them in the freezer and wait for the flat water to freeze.8.

When the flat liquid has frozen, then remove them from the freezer.9.

The flat ish will now be cleaned.10.

Do not use the ish to remove the carpet, for example.

Instead, use it to clean the carpet.1) Put the plastic flat washi in a plastic bag and put the cloth towels in it.2) Shake them gently.

The cloth towels are good for the washi.3) Then, gently shake the cloth towel and remove the plastic washi from the bag.4) Place the cloth in the washing machine.5) Add the water and shake it for 10-15 seconds.6) When you reach a stop, the washing cycle will start and then stop.7) When the washes complete, it will be ready to use.8) Do not wash the cloths because they are soft and can cause skin irritation.9) Instead, wash the washt in a washcloth, or use a soap and water solution.10) Wash the cloth by hand.