Why Walmart has a flat iron in stock

Walmart has made the same decision to stock the same iron in its stock of flat-iron cookware as it does in its line of cookware from the popular brands like the KitchenAid and Blender.

The company said on Wednesday that the Flat Iron Classic Cookware will be available in the United States starting at $35.00 on November 14 and in the rest of the world starting at less than $50.00, with a suggested retail price of $130.00.

The Flat Iron Professional Cookware, a more expensive version of the same product, will be out on November 15, and it will be priced at $75.00 for both the Classic and Professional versions.

Both products are available in Walmart’s online store.

Walmart is one of the few major retailers to carry flat-Iron cookware and it has been making these products for years, and now they are being offered to its customers.

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