How to rent a flat in Sydney

Leopard flats are popular with investors and tourists looking for affordable accommodation in Sydney’s CBD.

The Sydney market has been flooded with new luxury apartments over the past year, and many have popped up across the CBD.

Here are some tips to get you set up in a Sydney flat.1.

Book your flat in advance2.

Get the flat listed as being in a residential area, or have a friend or relative help you3.

Make sure your flat is in the area you want to live in4.

Make it easy to check in3:00am5:00pm: Get your rental application and the flat details4:00:00-5:30:00 pm: Get a friend, relative or neighbour to check the apartment4:30pm: Check in and pay your rent5:45pm: Make sure you have all your furniture and utilities4:45:00 for your flat6:00 am: Rent your flat7:00, 9:00 and 3:00 are ok8:00 is good for guests and guests with pets9:00 – 12:00 should be OKIf you can’t find your flat online, check with the property manager to make sure they have it listed.

If it is not listed, you can ask for it by phone.

If the property does not have an on-site manager, you may have to book the flat online.

There are some rental agencies who will check in and check out apartments on their premises and charge you a flat rate.

Check the property website and ask for their flat number and a flat fee.

Make your reservation in person if you can.