How to Make Your Own Flattie Tea for Your Kids

I love my tummy teas, but it can be a struggle to get a good cup to my tummies.

I’m always looking for something new, something that has the right flavors and aromas, and I’m not too fond of teas that have too many ingredients or that are too sweet.

So I figured I’d give it a try.

So, I’ve tried a few different recipes for flat tummys, and they all work great.

And here are some of my favorite ones: Tummy Tea Recipe: This one is simple.

Use just water and cinnamon to get your tea going.

Tummy Tea Recipe (with Cream): This recipe is super easy to make, and if you’re not a fan of cream, it’s also a great way to get that creaminess that you crave.

The first step is to make the tea.

Place the water in a large saucepan and bring it to a boil.

When it’s boiling, remove the lid and add the cinnamon and water.

Stir until the tea starts to bubble.

When the tea is ready, stir it in with a spoon or your hand, and pour into the tea cup.

You can make this tea with any cup of tea.

But I prefer to use a small mug because I find the tea more creamy when made with a smaller mug.

Tea Recipe with Creamy Strawberry Cream: This recipe calls for a little extra sugar, and is perfect for the holidays.

Warm up the cup with ice and sugar.

Add the cinnamon, and mix until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Pour the mixture into a large glass.

Pour a little bit of the cream into the top of the cup and add a splash of hot water.

Then pour a bit of ice and pour it into the cup. 

You can use this recipe to make a flat tumy tea, or you can make a homemade flat tumymai tea with a bit more sugar and a little cream.

Mango Bean Flat Teas: If you like mango, this is a great recipe for making a mango bean flat tea.

This is one of the best recipes for a mango tea, and it’s super easy.

You don’t even need any teas or teas in your cup.

Just use a glass of hot tea and stir until the ingredients are mixed.

It’s a great treat to have on hand for the next day, when you need a cup of milk and a few minutes of relaxation.

Flattea Recipe:  This recipe uses only a cup and a half of water, which makes it a bit easier to drink.

 I like to make it a little hot, but I also like to add a little sugar.

If you like the flavor of a tea with more of a milk, this recipe is for you.

My favorites for this recipe are the teas with the strawberry cream flavor, or the banana flavored ones.

These are all great flattea recipes.

Bread & Butter Flattea: This is another great recipe, especially for the holiday season.

You can make the cup for a few days, and then you can serve it with bread and butter.

To make this, you’ll need: Water Cinnamon: 3 cups of sugar 1 cup of plain yogurt, or 2 cups plain yogurt and a couple drops of vanilla extract (optional) 1/4 cup of butter, at room temperature, softened, plus extra for drizzling 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder (optional, but a good addition) Dried fruits or other fruit pieces (optional.)

Optional: Salt (to taste) Optional toppings: dried fruit, or any kind of sweet or savory fruit (I used dried figs and strawberries.) 

 You will need to make this at least once.

If you’re a fan with a little sweet, you can use a lot of sugar.

I like the cinnamon flavor, but you can add as much sugar as you like, as long as you use a little cinnamon.

If using more milk, it will be easier to make.

I use a cup that is roughly 1/2 cup of water and a cup with 3 cups water.

Enjoy your tea this season! 

Happy holidays! 

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Here’s a free recipe to get you started: Flat Tummy Tea (without cream or sugar). 

(from The Farm)