‘Skechers’ flat face cats, flat face pets: ‘We need to be able to do it safely’

With the release of the latest data on the worldwide prevalence of cats and dogs, pet owners can now make the necessary adjustments to their pet’s diet and behavior to keep them safe.

According to the latest report, there are 1.7 billion cats and 2.3 billion dogs worldwide, with nearly half of the global population living in the U.S. There are approximately 15.7 million cats and 17.4 million dogs.

Here are the top 10 reasons why pet owners should make sure their pets are properly screened for diseases and parasites:1.

Make sure your pet’s coat is clean and free of parasites and diseases2.

Ensure that your pet is vaccinated against canine distemper and rabies3.

Keep your pets well-fed and hydrated4.

Don’t leave pets outside for long periods of time or in the sun5.

Ensure your pets have a safe, well-ventilated home and exercise regularly6.

Keep pets on a schedule that gives them time to recover and re-hydrate7.

Ensure pets have regular access to exercise and play opportunities8.

Protect pets from parasites and disease9.

Keep dogs and cats away from wild animals and animals with a medical condition10.

Protect your pets from predators and other hazardsSource: BloombergBusinessweek