How to fix flat twist hair in 2018

Recode – If you have flat twist, it’s time to put a little bit of the twist back in.

The short, curly hairstyle is a staple of a generation of millennials who look their best with a little of the cut back.

Here are 10 tips to fix the flat twist.


The hairstyle will always look flat with a twist.

While a twist is a hairstyle that has a straight back, it will always come in a flat twist when styling.

This means the hair will always be slightly curved and not perfectly straight, as the hair would look in a straight cut.

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A straight cut will always have the hair more evenly spaced.

The longer the hair, the more evenly it is spaced.


A flat twist has a lot of twists.

A curly hair will have one or two to a long, while the flat, twisty style will have a lot to spare.


The hair should be longer when styling and the curl to be more defined.

When styling the hair a straight style, the curls should be more tightly defined.


A loose style will always give you a lot more curl.

A lot of the time, you can have your hair look more defined if you work on the curls and not on the cut.


The twist will always make the hair stand out, regardless of what you do.

It will never look natural or flirty, so try to get the hair to stay longer on the sides.


A smooth look with flat twist will have more volume.

You can make the curls pop more with a flat style, but you can also add volume if you go for a softer curl.


Flat twist can give you extra volume.

Flat twists have a soft curl, but if you have the right length, they can add volume.


If you are not a fan of a straight look, flat twist can help make the look more interesting.

For a more interesting look, you should always try flat twists.


Flat styles give you more volume and more definition.

Flat, twist and loose styles give a more natural look.

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Flat spin is a curly hairstyles trend that you can add a little to your look with a quick twist.