Derry to build new water-sharing scheme for Derry

A new water sharing scheme for the south west of the city will begin construction next week with a price tag of about €200 million.

The scheme, known as the Derry City Water Sharing scheme, is being launched to help relieve some of the pressure on water resources in the region.

The Derry Water and Power Authority (DWPA) said that between March and November this year it was working with the Dingle Water Partnership, Derry Council, the Water Protection Agency, the DND, the State Government and the Department of Finance to complete the €200m project.DWP a body set up by the previous administration, was created to run a new water system for the region and to manage water and sewage in the city.

It currently has a water supply system that provides 4,000 cubic metres of water per day and an average of 5,000 litres per day, but that number has fallen dramatically since the city was re-built.

The new water scheme will bring the amount of water available to Derry from the city’s water system to just under 1,000 cu m.

The DWPA has said it expects the new water supply to be operational by the end of next year.

In a press release yesterday, DWP said that the scheme would provide access to a “super market” of up to 1,500 customers for water and sewerage.

“Derry City is looking to provide the DWPa with the ability to bring a super market of up 1,547 customers to Drogheda and Derry,” it said.

In addition to the water supply, the scheme will be built on the land surrounding Derry Airport and the Droghetta Water Management Area.

There will also be a water-saving scheme for residents who live within 10 kilometres of the airport.

Derry’s water service was severely cut by the last administration, and the scheme aims to reduce the pressure by diverting water from the airport to the city from a storage tank in the area.

However, the cost of the scheme has been estimated at up to €600 million.