Chanel Ballet flats £20,500 and £25,000 UK prices…

A new Chanel flat in London has been priced at £20.5 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The flat has been sold by the London-based retailer at a record £25.5-million, but the deal is for an unspecified future date.

The listing comes amid increasing speculation that the iconic brand will close the store at the end of this year.

The news comes amid ongoing speculation that Chanel will close its London flagship store at its end.

It’s been in operation for nearly 70 years.

Earlier this year, a London property agency reported that a deal to buy the iconic Chanel chain was in the works, and it was expected to sell the company for more than £10 billion.

The new sale would be the second sale of Chanel in the UK, following a deal in 2016 to buy brand new brands in the United States.