How to make the perfect flat pillow

Now, the first step in making the perfect one-to-one flat pillow is to figure out which type of cushion it is. 

One-to -one flat pillows come in three types: cushions that fold up and become one long piece of foam, foam cushions, and cushions with no foam at all. 

The latter are popular, especially because they are made with the most expensive ingredients, and they are not as expensive as foam cushons. 

Flat cushions are also easier to assemble, with the help of a few easy steps. 


Cut out the foam cushioning (see photo). 


Fold the foam over the edges and then glue them. 


Place the folded foam on a cushioning board, and secure it with two glue sticks. 


Now, it is time to attach the foam to the pillow. 


Use the glue stick to glue the foam pieces together. 


Take the two glued foam pieces and fold them back and forth over the foam, until they are just barely enough to make a smooth flat surface. 


Then fold the two foam pieces over again, and place the two sides of the foam together, then fold them up again to form a flat surface, and then fold it up again, this time to form the pillow base. 


 Place the foam base over the folded piece of cushioning, and carefully attach it to the foam. 


Place a cushion on top of the folded pillow, then carefully secure the pillow by putting a small piece of tape on the sides of it. 10. 

Once you have attached the cushion, place it on top the folded one, then secure the fold with a piece of elastic band or other sturdy material. 


And that is it! 

Now you are ready to make your first flat pillow! 

Start by putting some cushions together.

 Place your cushions on a piece the size of your head, and wrap them tightly around the pillow, forming a ball. 

This should create a smooth surface, which you can then gently fold in the middle to form an arch. 

It’s important to keep your edges sharp, because this will help prevent the foam from sticking. 

Start with one layer of foam on top, and add more later on. 

To make the base, make sure to fold the foam under and then add more layers of foam as necessary. 

You can also use a sponge to fill the gaps between the layers, which should make the pillow more durable. 

As you can see, the perfect pillow has two parts: the foam that wraps around the base and then the cushion on the top. 

After you have added all the layers of cushion, you can finally add the cushion base. 

 Now, to make sure the pillow is completely secure, attach the base with two tape strips. 

Put the tape strips in the gaps around the edge of the pillow and then tighten them down firmly, so that the base is secure. 

When all the foam is in place, fold the base over and secure the edges by putting two glue stick on the outside. 

Next, put the two cushions back on top. 

 And now you are all set to sleep! 

The first step to making a perfect flat cushion is to find the best foam for your pillow.

If you have no foam on your pillow, you will probably be using a foam cushion. 

If you have a few layers of material on top and then a layer of a foam that is soft, then you may want to go with a foam cushion. 

Also, try to keep the gaps in between the cushions small, so they won’t tear apart during use. 

Here is a video of a couple of flat pillow makers. 

I really like this video. 

Check out the other flat pillow maker in the video.

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