The tax code needs a bit of a tweak

Flato, a small town in northern NSW, has had its tax rates frozen for two years.

The freeze was meant to ease the pressure on the economy.

But now it has left many in the town with less than enough to spend.

Flato Mayor Chris O’Brien says he’s had to sell his house, cut back on his social media and buy groceries.

The local community is also feeling the impact of the tax freeze, with the town’s unemployment rate running at about 10 per cent.

The community has been hit particularly hard by the freeze, Mr O’Brien says.

“We’re in a recession and we’re a really tight town, so the business cycle has been really tough,” he says.

Flato’s council says the freeze has meant a “huge loss of jobs” and a loss of revenue.

“Our business is already hurting,” Mr O”Brien says.

Flexible income rules: The tax rules are being reviewed. “

We’ve had some very tough times, but the economy is really struggling,” he said.

Flexible income rules: The tax rules are being reviewed.

But Mr OBrien says they should be flexible, and allow some local businesses to survive while others struggle.

Mr O’Malley says he has been getting calls from other businesses in the area that have gone into administration.

“It’s a really tough time for us, we’re struggling, we’ve lost all our jobs and we’ve all been trying to save up for a rainy day,” he explains.

It’s been a tough year for Mr OMalley, and his wife.

She has been a nurse and his father is a medical doctor.

He says they have been forced to cut back and cut back because they can’t afford to keep paying the tax.

But Mr Oberly says his business has not been hit hard, and he says it has been helped by a small number of locals.

“[The freeze] has been very good for us,” he told the ABC.

“There’s been less pressure for us to pay the tax.”

The local business community is hoping the freeze can be reversed, and it is likely to be debated in the local council’s next meeting.

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