What you need to know about the Remington Flat-Iron

Remington is taking a page from its long history of innovation with its new flat-iron rifle, the Remox AR-15 rifle.

The new rifle, which was first introduced in 2016, is designed to be more like a traditional rifle than an AR-type rifle.

It’s more compact and lighter than a traditional AR-style rifle, it’s more reliable, it has an extended magazine and it has a higher rate of fire.

It has a lower profile than a typical AR-like rifle, and it comes in two different configurations, the .223 Remington or the .30-06 Remington.

The AR-14 has a different configuration and is the standard AR-size rifle.

Remington AR-Series rifles feature a longer barrel, longer bolt and an adjustable cheek rest.

Remodelments of AR-series rifles have been made for several years and Remington’s latest AR- Series rifle is the Remax AR-10.

The Remax is designed for people who want to customize the gun for their own needs, but they don’t need the full-auto capability of an AR.

Remax, which stands for Remington Arms Company, is the company that made the AR-M1 rifle and the ARM-16 sniper rifle.

With the Remaster AR-20 rifle, Remington announced that it would take an entirely new approach to the AR rifle.

This new rifle will feature a full-size gas block, which is a completely new design.

The rifle has a larger gas block that is more durable and will last longer than a standard AR rifle because it uses a high-strength polymer.

Remiks AR-30 rifle features a longer bolt than Remington models AR-22 and AR-23 rifles.

The length of the AR is longer than an existing rifle in the Remiaks line, but the bolt is smaller.

The shorter length allows for a more comfortable trigger pull and easier maintenance.

The trigger is also longer and has a wider tip than an other Remiys AR-model rifle.

Some people may not want the AR features, and the Remitons AR-16 and ARM are designed to satisfy this niche.

The most impressive aspect of the Remedys AR series is the fact that it will be available to everyone in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries around the world.

Remus AR-17 rifle features the Remus design and is designed primarily for military and law enforcement.

The gun is designed specifically for use in the field, with a large, telescoping stock.

The barrel is a bit longer than most Remiostars, and there is a longer rail that is notched to the end of the barrel.

Remuestar AR-18 rifle is designed as a tactical rifle and features a larger, longer, rail and a gas block with a threaded chamber.

The .30 caliber round will be the most popular round for use with this rifle, with the Remuests AR-19 rifle being the last.

This rifle will be more powerful than the Remicas AR- series rifles.

It will also be lighter, smaller, and less prone to breaking than the AR rifles.

Remo AR-45 rifle is a small-caliber rifle that can be used in military and police departments, as well as for hunting.

The rail is slightly longer than the existing Remington rifles.

Unlike other Remington designs, the AR platform is not the same as the AR series.

Remos AR-7 rifle is intended for police and military use.

The longer barrel and the shorter bolt mean that this rifle will have more stopping power than other Remo rifles.

However, the barrel will be shorter than most other Remos.

Remox M-Series rifle is also a tactical firearm.

The M-series rifle is an AR rifle that is primarily designed for military, law enforcement, and private security.

The stock is the same length as the Remo Series rifles, but it is a tad longer.

The muzzle brake and bolt are shorter and more ergonomically shaped than the other Remostars AR- or M- series.

The larger gas system means that this gun will fire faster than other AR- and M- Series rifles.

Other Remo models have also been made that include longer barrels, longer rail, and more gas capacity.

Remnica AR-11 rifle is primarily intended for military use and law-enforcement.

The bolt is longer and a bit wider than the current Remiades AR-9 and AR series rifles, and Remnics AR-12 and AR15 rifles are shorter.

Remson Tactical AR-4 rifle is aimed at military, police and law officers who are looking for a long-lasting, compact, reliable, and lightweight firearm.

It features a lightweight, lightweight barrel that is ergonomics-correct and ergonomical.

The lower profile of the rifle makes it a more practical choice for people with a wide variety of needs.

The scope is shorter than other guns in the