‘I want to be a teacher’: Gym teacher’s body ‘flat’ for the first time

When she is not teaching at a local elementary school, Kelly Jones has become an active member of the community.

A regular fixture on the local fitness scene, the 42-year-old has made a name for herself by providing personal coaching to women in their 30s and 40s looking to get fit for their next trip to the gym.

Jones is also the founder of the Fitness for Life Fitness Academy, which she founded in 2013 with her husband.

While Jones is a fitness teacher, she is also a coach, with a particular focus on getting young people motivated to stay fit for longer.

“I feel like I can help you if you want to get into fitness,” she said.

“You can’t do it all on your own.

I think you have to get a coach.

You have to go to a gym.”

The idea for Fitness for Lifetime Fitness Academy was born after Jones saw an advertisement in the local newspaper for an “active fitness coach”.

“It’s so easy to get in shape, but there’s a lot of pain associated with it,” she explained.

“We’re going to do something different.”

The first group of students were recruited in October 2013, and the Academy is now offering an annual membership of up to $1,000 for a group of 30.

Jones said that although they are focused on getting the youngest people in the gym, the Academy also helps them gain confidence in themselves and their bodies.

“When we were younger, you don’t know what your body is capable of,” Jones said.

“Now you’re getting more out of it.

We’re encouraging people to get outside and explore.”

The gym has been open to women for more than a year, but now Jones said she would like to expand the range of fitness activities that she offers to men and boys.

“We’ve had a couple of male students come in,” Jones explained.

“It wasn’t really about them, it was about us.

It’s about changing their perception of fitness.”

She said that in the future she would also like to help women who have lost weight.

“They’re like a sponge,” she laughed.

“It helps them to maintain their body shape and it keeps them fit for life.”

Jones said that while she is an active gym teacher, her job has also become a part-time job.

“My son has a job where he does work and he does some physical therapy,” she added.

“He’s in his mid-40s and he works at a fitness centre.”

But he has also got his own business, and I have my own business.

“Jones has been teaching since she was a teenager, and she is proud to be one of the first women to earn a Masters in Health and Fitness from the Australian College of Health and Exercise Science.

The Fitness for Lifelong Academy is part of a broader initiative, which is aiming to build a global fitness community by giving young people a platform to connect with the people who will change their lives.”

If you look at the young people in this country, the majority are in their mid-to-late 30s,” Jones continued.”

The average age is in the 50s and 60s.

So, if we can get young people to see this is possible and that’s what they’re looking for, then they will be a lot more willing to stick with it.

“Then we can all work together to get that happening.

We can all be a part of it.”

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