‘My God, this is the biggest flat-Earth society I’ve ever seen’

Flat Earth Society (FFS) has been created by a group of Israeli citizens in order to combat the Flat Earth myth.

This group is based in Israel and the group’s founder, Yossi Dagan, is the founder of the Flat-Earth Society in the United States.

He started it in 2012 to help “cleanse the land of the myth and all its myths”.

He says it is a “public service” and is meant to “clear the public of the idea that there is anything wrong with the flat earth”.

The FFS is based at a building in Tel Aviv that is used as a meeting place for various Flat Earth organizations.

“When the Flat Earthers go to Israel they don’t have any intention to learn, they just want to have fun,” Dagan said.

The Flat Ears are a group that rejects the flat Earth as a scientific fact.

The movement is founded by a man called Yoav Hattem, who claims to be an expert on the earth’s curvature and the shape of the earth.

He has even posted videos online showing his Flat Earth theories to impress the members of the FFS.

He recently announced the formation of a group called Flat Earmarks.

Flat Earth is a flat-earth theory that holds that the earth is not spherical but rather, that it is made up of several overlapping layers.

This is supported by the belief that the flat surface of the Earth is shaped like a sphere.

In addition, the Flat earthers believe the Earth was created in 6,000 BC and that the Earth has been moving ever since.

The flat earth is the belief of some Flat Earth adherents that the universe is flat and therefore not round.

The theory is not based on scientific fact and has been called the “flat earth fallacy”.

In order to dispel the myth, the Ffs has created Flat Earms with the aim of spreading awareness about Flat Earth.

“We believe in the flat earther and he will not be satisfied,” Dolan told The Jerusalem Report.

“This is what he’s interested in and what he wants.

So, we are creating Flat Earts, the most effective Flat Earing movement in the world, that will fight against this false myth.”

The Flat Earth Foundation is one of the more than 150 FFS groups that have been created in the past two decades.

It is currently a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and it is not affiliated with any individual or organization.

The founder of Flat Earth, Yossef Eliyahu, was the founder and founder chairman of the American Flat Earth Association (AFEA) and the Flat Endeavor Foundation.

According to the organization, the AFEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness and education about the Flat East.

“The Flat Easters believe the earth was formed in 60000 BC and moved across the globe,” the organization stated on its website.

“While some Flat Earters claim this, Flat Easter beliefs are based on ancient legends that depict the Earth as flat.

The origins of the flat-earthers and their belief system are shrouded in mystery.”

According to a 2015 report, the world population is estimated at 2.5 billion, which is a slight increase from 2010 when it was estimated that there were only 4.4 billion people on the planet.

The Ffs is also actively involved in spreading Flat Earth misinformation.

“These Flat Easts do not exist and their theories are based only on a small number of Flat East mythmakers,” the FlatEarthers website stated.

“No scientific evidence supports these claims, and the Feds claim that their Flat EAST movement is ‘scientific’.” A video posted on YouTube by a Flat Earp named Noah Zarem shows the group members demonstrating how to make a flat bench.

The video ends with the group member who started the Flat Ear Theory in a heated argument with a member of the group, which he called a Flat Earther.

According the video, Noah Zaren is a member from the FlatEarth Society and has claimed to have seen evidence that the Flat earth was created.

The group has also posted video of its founder and a member who has claimed the Flat, claiming that they are “proof” that the theory is true.

The organization claims that it has received more than 300 complaints from members of its Flat Ear Society.

Dagan claims that there are many Flat Eears on the Internet.

“They are spreading falsehoods, making up their own myths and lying,” Divan said.

“I am a member.

I’m the chairman of FlatEarth, and I’m proud of it.”

Flat Eardrop Theory The Flat Ear theory, or Flat Ear, is a belief that there’s a giant, flat, hollow sphere that is all around us.

This theory was first proposed by American author Joseph Campbell in 1949.

It claims that the globe