Which men are getting the biggest flat chested bulge?

The latest edition of the UK’s top men’s magazine has revealed which of the most prominent men in the world are getting bigger abs.

The issue, called ‘The Biggest Body’, features photos of celebrities such as Adam Levine, Daniel Craig and Ryan Gosling.

It also features a candid clip of Mr Levine posing with the magazine’s editor, Katey Rich.

It’s no surprise that Mr Levine is featured in the article as he is one of the biggest men’s bodies in the industry and he has a massive chest.

It was revealed earlier this month that the man behind the magazine is also the man who is believed to be the biggest man in the UK with a 6ft 8in (2.3m) frame.

A picture of Mr Rich is also included on the cover of the issue, which also features the likes of Michael Fassbender, James Corden, Leonardo DiCaprio, Adam Levine and Tom Hiddleston.

Mr Levine is known for his huge chest and large biceps and has been featured in many magazines such as GQ, People and the New York Times.

Mr Hiddlleston has been named one of “The Big 5” men’s stars, alongside Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Liam Hemsworth and James Bond.

Mr Graziano, who is said to have a huge biceps, was featured in The Biggest Big Biceps Issue.

The latest issue also features clips of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and former British Secretary of State John Major, along with the likes a photo of the former US President George W Bush.