Best Tips and Tricks For Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool Tile Cleaning
Best Tips and Tricks For Pool Tile Cleaning

Best Tips and Tricks For Pool Tile Cleaning

If you have a pool, you probably want to protect it from pollution and keep it as fresh as possible.

You will want to protect the pool from calcium building up around the pool tiles, and you won’t want to age your pool unnecessarily by neglecting to clean it. Now, I’m going to teach you how to clean your pool tiles properly, while keeping the rest of your pool nice and clear.

Best pool cleaning Tips and Tricks:

First, you need to know how to clean your pool.

Brushing the outside of your pool. Then grabbing a pool net and getting out any debris. Finally, hooking up the vacuum and vacuuming the bottom of your pool. Then leave your skimmers on for around 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours at night.

1Choosing The Right Pool Here are a few things you should equip yourself with when cleaning your pool tiles:

After you clean your pool, you need to be sure that you’re using the right pool chemicals properly. Every pool needs are:


Will keep your pool water treated, healthy and safe to swim in. You most likely need to buy a chlorine flotation device and keep it stocked up with two or more chlorine tablets (usually lasts about a week).


People used to get their pool water crystal clear and bring it back from a green spell by using Shock.

Basically, when the water in your pool gets green, you need to throw a shock load on it. To get it back, but the shock is not only used to turn on the raw water to wipe it off, it is used to keep your pool clean at all times, therefore. Many people swim in their pool twice a month, depending on the size of your pool.


You can find many chemicals that block the formation of algae.

Algae will age your pool and tiles, so getting anti-algae and flushing your pool once a week is a good idea. There are now a few chemicals you can find, but it’s better to see them used in person.

Best Pool Tile Cleaning Tools

Here are a few things you should equip yourself with when cleaning your pool tiles:

Calcium removing spray:

If you go to your local laundry shop, they will help you find the right one. Just spray it on the tiles and use a brush to scrub and remove any impurities and accumulation of calcium.

A better quality Bristle Brush

Better quality, it will be easier to clean that stubborn calcium and stain your tiles.

Scraper Tool:

Do not usually recommend the use of a scraper, but in some cases, the scraper will work well in getting stubborn dirt on your pond walls.

Tips And Tricks For Tile Cleaning

Now that you know the basics of cleaning your pool tiles. Here are some time-saving tips that I really recommend.


Always bathe immediately before entering the pool, this will result in any bad chemicals you may have in your body that may affect the pool. Items such as sun cream, cosmetics, deodorants and other oils cause serious problems with the swimming pool and create bad residues on the lake water.

Don’t Wear Sun cream or oil

When you go to the pool, it is important to wash with sun cream or sunscreen. Both of these products will cause a lot of problems with your swimming pool. From the pile of rubbish, to the oil layer on top of your pool.

It also wears out your swimming pool and makes keeping your pool clean can be a daunting task.

Just wash immediately before that and apply again when you are out of the pool.

Scrub your pool weekly:

It only takes 10 minutes to hold the brush and brush near your pool once a week.

This will help prevent overcrowding and is key during the summer months, when winter comes you can just use a pool brush to walk around the lake.

Get a pool cover:

A simple pool cover will keep debris out of your pool, this will speed up the cleaning process and keep your pool from getting dirty.

I recommend you get a solar pool cover if you want to add another 10 degrees to your free pool and spend less than $50 on the actual cover, this is the way to go, here is a list of the highest quality solar covers…

When Buying Recovery Tiles?

Have you ever watched that video and wondered where you actually buy the extra pool tiles?

However, most of us will have some left over from the time the pool is built, otherwise you can head to your local water store and ask if they have it in stock.

Most of us will already be connected to the internet, you can buy changing pool tiles in many online stores, eBay should be my favorite place to find.

You can get 5 sheets of standard green tiles for about $60, cheap, but much cheaper than other pool stores.

I have done my best to fill this with as much information as possible, if you are tired and looking for a good way feel free to check out our theme of the largest portable jacuzzi, you can show them within 30 minutes and have a good warmth. Water massages throughout the year.


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