Change of seasons.


Change of seasons

Everything about me just wants it to be winter already!  The change in seasons this year has done a number on me.  Call it allergies, call it a cold, call it whatever!  One day cold, next day warm, one day winter, next day summer.

Pharmacies should sell Mucinex-D in bulk.  I’ve done so many saline rinses that I bit into an apple the other day.

Change is such a process.

But I do know this.  At some point.  Winter will be here.  Technically there is a date and time for this, but in actuality you’d be hard-pressed to pinpoint the exact moment that fall ends and winter begins.  

Out of all the seasons, I think that fall is most representative of change.  Visually, we see our landscape change.  It’s gradual but permanent.  Noticeable but elusive.  Subtle but drastic.

The weather is not the only change I’ve been experiencing.  Since this past spring, my family and I have been on a rollercoaster.  Ups and downs.  Clarity and confusion.  Confidence and doubt.

Yet through it all we remained faithful.

We didn’t let ourselves be paralyzed at the moment, and we made sure we had our ear to the ground and our finger on the pulse of what God was doing.  We waited on the Lord to be our guide, our truth, our rescue, and our hope. (Psalm 25)

In the midst of confusion, our God has a purpose.  It’s hard when we can’t see results.  When we can’t pinpoint an exact moment.   We get impatient easily in this day and age.  We want answers at the push of a button.  Likewise, we want that instant change.

But wait.


Hold on.

Slow down.

Take a minute.

Take an hour.

Change is happening whether we fully understand the results or not.  Take the time to notice it.  Every moment of our lives, He is transforming.  Changing.  Sanctifying us to be more like Christ.

Rollercoasters eventually end.  It did for my family.  And things look a bit clearer.  And now we have a great story to tell.

So here we are six months later, and so many things look different.  Looking back, I can see how every moment was woven together with purpose.  I can see God’s faithfulness through it all.  And although I couldn’t tell you when it actually changed, I could tell you how.


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