Empowered faith moves us through life’s challenges.  Movement through life’s challenges encourages our faith.  Encouraging our faith empowers our faith.

Worry and doubt paralyzes us through life’s challenges.  Analyzation through life’s challenges suffocates our faith.  Suffocating our faith leaves room for worry and doubt.

Around and around we go.

Movement.  If faith is a cycle, then we need to pedal!  Is that too much artistic license too soon?  Eh, oh well.  I’m going to keep riding down this trail.  I think you see my point.  Faith is active.  It’s not only something we have, but it’s something we do.

The difference between strengthening our faith and paralyzing our faith is movement.

Thankfully, there’s help.  It’s like a tandem.  Thankfully, when Jesus left, He promised to send the Holy Spirit.  Someone who is just like Him (John 14).  Faith does not come easy for us, but it does for the Holy Spirit.  This same Spirit convicts us of our sin (John 16:8), reveals truth to affect change in ourselves and others (John 14:26), and helps us speak with God (Romans 8:26).

Backpedal a moment.  By no means do I want to encourage the American Christian to always be on the go go go.  We don’t need encouragement with that – full schedules seem to come naturally for us.  What I want to encourage you to do is take action with your faith.  Take time away from your day to commune with God in earnest prayer.  White knuckled prayer!  Be a testimony of His love and provision in the midst of pain, suffering, and stress.  Be an outward expression of the Gospel in all of life’s circumstances.  Especially the ones that should paralyze you!  That is faith in action.  And  moving faith is a growing faith.


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