How to introduce healthy food to your family

How to introduce healthy food to your family
Introduce healthy food to your family

How to Stay Healthy?

A simple and very effective solution how to introduce healthy food to your family

If 10 years ago somebody had told me that fruits are very healthy……. Healthy for every day’s eating as an excellent source of vitamins…. And even necessary – eating fruits is A MUST as a natural medicine for human body…. I would have replied: “Yes, indeed! I know this very well! I love fruits and eat fruits every day!”

But with age (as early as after 25 y.o.) I began to develop problems of health: BIG problems – that brought with them many troubles, sleepless nights and worrying headaches. As well as small problems that obviously decrease my work productivity, made me less outgoing and rip me off for many hours of enjoying the good state of physical health when everything was OK.

In general, all these health problems took lots of my time and money… Until I realized the simply secret that……… Even during all my adult life, I never developed a well-deserved appreciation as well as correct attitude towards fruits and vegetables. I am not afraid to name the reason bluntly – usually it is a lack of knowledge and lack of understanding.

Only then I understood that in reality I used to take fruits ‘for granted’. That time the benefit of my ‘eating fruits’ was diminished to the very minimums I eat only 1-2 fruits per day, usually after lunch or at breakfast time. If I happened to become hungry in between meals or on my way to work, home etc.,

I would rather prefer to have a light snack of a sandwich or a roll, but definitely nonfat fruit. While it is the FRUITS that MUST be eaten on empty stomach – to derive more benefit as fruits are recommended to eaten separately without other food.

If…. If earlier I had been told that I don’t use fruits for sustaining my good health, Iexplaining healthy eating to a child would’ve replied angrily “No, what do you mean! Indeed, I use fruits! But my life-style is very busy, lots of hard work, endless stresses and, on top of all, poor ecology.

These all affect my health very negatively. And can fruits do anything about that????!”
But now, looking to the past, I must, and I will admit: “Fruits and vegetables CAN dramatically change one’s health. Especially if one knows HOW, WHEN AND WHAT TO USE for a particular health problem…..

In conclusion, the major reason of “Not going GREEN” and therefore, not benefitting enough from the Nature’s generous treasures is still hidden in the LACK of correct presentation of this valuable information!

Then even if parents don’t value these blessings of mother-nature, then how can one blame children for refusing to eat this Nature’s treasures while even those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, don’t have a full picture of WHAT vegetables and fruits can do to one’s body and mind!

Even if we have a basic picture such as: “carrot is good for eye-sight, oranges – to boost immune system, watermelon provides excellent cleansing effect”, still, in order to convince not only somebody but even yourself, we have to get more useful information. And, usually, this “info” comes in a form of boring statistic facts or dull, gray nutrition tables.

Stop! Please, stop for a moment! Don’t you understand that even you and I, like any other adult of any age, won’t pay sufficient (enough) attention to any information if it presented in a such ‘mind-numbing’ (dreary, uninteresting) form. This is not the method to encourage, rather on the contrary, it is a highly effective and quicker way to make somebody bored!

Nevertheless, then what to say about young children and their tiny inquisitive minds, whose learning skills performance is best when powered by bright, colorful associations and sharp fantasy-world imagination.


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