Irresistable wor(th)ship


1Irresistable wor(th)ship

The idea of worship is something that is so convoluted in the American church.  The word is kind of overused.  Almost misused.  Worship is an action. A verb.  A response.  Not a noun, adjective, or whatever else.  Let me try to explain it over a burger.

The breakdown of the word worship is literally worth-ship.  It’s placing value on something.

Worship is responding to something’s perceived worth


Makes sense.

Take that burger up there.  I bet that most of you reading this can actually taste that burger.  Most of you would probably enjoy that burger.  Even further, some of you may actually want to go get a burger after seeing that.  I’m not at all saying that we’re worshiping this burger right now.  Stay with me.

Most of you have experienced a burger very similar to the one up there.  You can reach back into a memory bank of restaurants, cook-outs, or Foreman that bring that image to life.  And for those of us that enjoy a juicy burger, it’s only natural to describe how delicious one tastes! #stillmooing  I’ve never met anyone who has tasted, experienced, and enjoyed a good burger but failed to tell me why.

We can’t worship without the experience that a growing faith brings us.

Our faith story should be filled with markers that ignite our worship.  We should be able to look back and recall every moment of the story, and it should illuminate our present situations.  And for those of us that have experienced the mercy, the grace, the forgiveness, the adoption, the mind-blowing love of God, it should be only natural to declare His majesty.

I never want worship to be something that I do, but something that I can’t keep from doing.

Penned by one of the first worship leaders, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.” (Psalm 34:8)  That word “taste” in the original Hebrew literally means to experience and discover.  These experiences and discoveries firm up our faith and fill our stories with reasons to worship.

Who’s hungry?


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