Mcleodganj Region perfect weekend destination


McLeodganj is one of the most sought-after places to visit for pedestrians and perambulators who seek some high-octane adventure! From the pristine Dhauladhar range’s heart-thumping journeys to the tranquillity of the Dalai Lama’s tabernacle complex, McLeodganj would give you an important- demanded escape!

Check out some of the places to visit in McLeodganj and be excited by the amazing effects you can do when in the little city.

Vipassana Meditation Centre

The Vipassana centre is one of the notorious McLeodganj sightseer places to visit. Not just because of the artistic and spiritual value it holds but also because of the peace and serenity it offers.

Where is it-Kangra, McLeodganj

How to reach-The centre is 8 km down from the hustle-bustle of McLeodganj city.


Wear your spikey thrills and journey up the snow- limited crown jewel of Dharamshala. One of the highlights of Mcleodganj is to journey up the rocky yet snowy Truind while swallowing a cornucopia of scenic views.

Where is it-Himachal Pradesh

How to reach-The Triund journey starts from Gullu Temple. The journey is equidistant from Dharamshala as well as McLeodganj.

Bhagsu Falls

As you take up the Triund journey, you can also catch regard to the paradisical Bhagsu falls. It’s one of the notorious places to visit in McLeodganj as cold water flows through the mountains. Not to mention the succulent beaneries at near cafés to give you a good view.

Where is it – The trail to Bhagsu falls thresholds from Gunna Devi tabernacle in Dharamshala

How to reach-Since the cascade is just 2 km down from the main McLeodganj request, you can fluently journey up and return with some lovely recollections.


The antique city is specially notorious as the Yoga vill of McLeodganj. You’ll be at peace when in Dharamkot.

Where is it-McLeodganj, Dharamshala

How to reach-Dharamkot is 2 km down from McLeodganj so if you feel like exploring a little, you can walk it up or take a lift.

Kareri Lake

One of the notorious places to visit in McLeodganj, the Kareri lake offers natural beauty and provides perfect geography for picnics and photography.

Where is it-Dharamshala, Kangra quarter

Minkiani Pass

One of the big gratuities of visiting McLeodganj is the fact that maturity of journeys and hikes protest off from this city. Minkiani pass is also a celebrated journey that a number of adventure junkies root for, as it’s initiative and also a laddie bit tedious.

Where is it-Kangra

How to reach-You can start touring from McLeodganj or you can also join some group of pedestrians from the city.

Namgyal Monastery

This spiritual corner is Dalai Lama’s humble residence. Rich in Tibetan shade and composed vibe, the place is clearly to make you feel calm and happy. Also, known as Dalai Lama’s tabernacle, it’s one of the most notorious places to visit in McLeodganj.

Where is it-McLeodganj, Dharamshala

How to reach-It isn’t veritably far from the megacity but just so you do not get lost, you can take a hack from your hostel and walk back, maybe indeed explore a little in the process.

Dal Lake

Since the lake is girdled by the celebrated deodar trees, much like Kashmir’s original Dal Lake, the name has been set! Just like the original, McLeodganj’s Dal lake is just as enough and serene. Get a trace of what it would be like to go to Kashmir right from McLeodganj!

Where is it-McLeodganj

How to reach-You can simply bespeak a lift to Dal Lake from the megacity centre.

Kangra Fort

The charming structures of the Kangra Fort will actually mesmerize you to the core! Erected during the Katoch dynasty, it’s touted to be one of the oldest infrastructures in India with some lovely views to savour!

Where is it-Old Kangra, Kangra quarter

How to reach-A hack lift to Kangra from McLeodganj is the way to reach the stronghold.

Dhauladhar Ranges

The Dhauladhar ranges are a favourite among pedestrians and perambulators. Trek over through the thick dens of the range and state the lust you have for some adventure!

Where is it-McLeodganj

How to reach-You can start a journey from the city. Meet many pedestrians and join forces to enjoy this journey.

Tsuglagkhang Complex

The significance of the Tsuglagkhang Complex is how it welcomes trippers and addicts from around the world. The culturally blessed complex offers a peep at the life of Buddhism and Tibetan history.

Where is it-McLeodganj, Dharamshala 

How to reach-The complex is only 2 twinkles walk down from the machine stand in McLeodganj.

Indrahar Pass

Indrahar pass actually forms a border between the Kangra and Chamba sections at the Himalayas. Touring up to the peak is relatively clumsy with its own challenges but if you’ve got adrenaline-pumped blood, you’ll be excited by the sights and the journey.

Where is it-Dhar Alangari

How to reach-The journey to Indrahar pass immaculately starts from Dharamshala as it’s the closest city.

Masroor Temple

Go back to the 8th century and carouse in the history of one of the places to visit in Mcleodganj. The place boasts pristine Nagra armature as well, which gives your visit quite the literacy wind.

Where is it-Laharpur, Masroor

How to reach-You can hire a hack and reach the tabernacle. It’s 50 km down from the megacity.


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