Top 5 lake treks in India



For adventure seekers, these Big Himalaya Mountain ranges remain the premier trek destination. The ranges of the Himalayan offer varied flower views as well as wildlife views in the trek of its mountains.  The Best Himalaya Pond Treks to Add to Your Bucket List Rakshastal Lake in Tibet, Lakes Manasarovar in Mount Kailash, Rara Lake, and Tilicho Lake in Nepal are among the lakes. While the list is by no means exhaustive, these are just a few of the adventures that may be attempted during lake treks. 

Deoria tal Trek:

Deoria Tal Trip is by far the most spectacular trek location in India’s Himalayan regions, situated at an altitude of, 2438 meters above sea level. This lake consists of a very vibrant clean blue color and their reflection in the morning will make your day.  The lake, also known as Deoriatal and Devariyatal, is set within deep forest and is a popular trekking destination.

This trek is easy to moderate, and any beginner can do this trek and will have experience.   You may obtain a bird’s eye view of Saari Villages or its beautiful green paddy fields if you climb to the top of the adjacent hills. This lake hike may be done at any time of year.

Lake trek of Chandratal:

This hidden gem is ideal for novice hikers who want to catch a peek of the Spiti and Lahaul Valleys while travelling via Himachal Pradesh’s Bara Shigri Glacier. The elevation of this peak is, 4270 meters high.  The half-moon-shaped lake is located in a vast meadow among the bottom ridge and Kunzum mountain.

The highest hiking point on the Chandratal Lake trip is the summit of Baralacha Pass (4830 m). The Chandratal Lake Trek offers spectacular vistas of the Lahaul range, including many as well as eye-catching peaks which will keep you mesmerized, as well as will make you fall in love with them. Tourists used to have to walk to get to the reservoir, but now assistance is provided.

Prashar trek  of lake:

This lake will turn into a glacier in winter and will leave you astonished by its view in the nighttime as well as the day time. It is one among Himachal Pradesh’s numerous gems. This lake is situated in the middle of the city named Mandi and this lake is the hotspot for the travelers. 

In the late 13th century, A Pagoda was made in the memory of the philosopher Prashar.  It is recommended that you stay hydrated throughout the walk because there may be several problems ahead. Prashar River Trek is best experienced between June and September. The lake features stunning Himalayan architecture, including the Prashar Rishi temple, which is known for its sensual beauty. It’s a relatively short excursion of a few days. One of the most appealing aspects of this walk is the ability to select one’s starting spot.

The best months to visit are January and February, when the snow is still immaculate.

Chadar trek:

 It’s a frozen river with a heavy coating of snow covering it, making it a challenging walk. Chadar, also known as the sheet there at Zanskar river, is a normally fast-flowing lake that transforms into a spread even during harsh winter months. The best time to do this trek is between January and march. 

During the winter, the Zanskar river resembles an ice sheet, making for difficult trekking conditions. While the majority of something like the trek is done on foot, trekkers may encounter ice covered rock formations and boulders along the way.

Roopkund trek of Uttrakhand:

Roopkund is a well-known glacial lake in the Uttarakhand state. The lake, which is famous for having 500 human remains along its edge, attracts hundreds of people every season. Roopkund is located in the Chamoli District in the Garhwal area, at an elevation of 4,800 meters.

Many adventurous visitors come to such a Himalayan Lake trek location to take in the scenery. From the beginning point till the end, this trek will provide you best scenery and will make you mesmerized.  This trek is well known for beautiful adventures, scenery, monastery and its high mountains. 

During the journey, a campsite may be built up at Ghora Latoni. The best time to visit the Roopkund trek is between June to November. 


In comparison to other treks, Himalayan Lake Expeditions is indeed a blessing in disguise. With lakes all around, one might get a distinct perspective on life and environment. These hikes provide a new take on adventure and nature’s soliloquy. 


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