Top Places For New Year party In Delhi



Delhi is the capital of India. It is a historic city. It is famous for its historical places. In ancient times, people gave the name Delhi as Rajja dhilla. Delhi is known as the Union Territories of India. Sansad Bhavan belongs to Delhi. Most of the political parties are based in Delhi. Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple, Sansad Bhavan, India Gate lots of historical places belong to Delhi. The main point of visiting Delhi is to see lots of beautiful places and scenery. If you want to hang out some time here, there are lots of attractive clubs and hotels. It is also famous as a party spot. You can celebrate any occasion with lots of things and amazing offers. All the places are attractive and beautiful.  Some beautiful places are detailed there:

Places To Celebrate New Year’s party

1. Night Club Hotel Samart

It is the best club for parties. You can hang out here over the night. It is a luxury hotel. This club is famous for its luxury things and incredible music, drinks, food, Russian dancers,  these are all fun items that happened in this club. You can hang out here from 9:00 pm 31 Dec to 2 Am to 1 Jan. Price package is INR 5000 and INR 8000. The location is Key nightclub Hotel Samart, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri. 

2. Aqua The Park

This beautiful place Aqua waits for you to hang out over the night. You can chill here with incredible music. It is one of the biggest clubs in Delhi. Talented dancers grove you with your talent. You cannot forget this evening night over your journey. This new year makes your journey memorable and happy. Timing is 9:00 pm 31 Dec to 2 Am 1 Jan. Price package is INR, 10000 for couples. The travel location is Aqua ,Poolside bar, The Park ,15 Parliament street, Connaught place, New Delhi. 

3. Hotel Pride Plaza

This place is awesome and makes your new year party best party ever. The amazing performances by dancers and the other artists make your New Year Party incredible. It was one of the grand parties that happened. Timing is 9:00 pm to 2:00 am 31 Dec. Price package is INR 12000 per couple. Location is Imperfecto shor, Night Club, Hotel Pride Plaza, Hospitality District 5 A Asset, aerocity.

4. Bollywood Dance Party in Smaaash Carnival

 If you want to celebrate the new year with lots of amazing things, hang out in this new year with your families and friends, so you can go with Smaaash Carnival. This is the best place to spend your New Year’s party.   You can just get a Drink here with an enough price takeaway for the night.  Will be ready to have a bash at a new year party in Delhi. You can go there from 8 pm 31 Dec to 1:00 am 1 Jan. The price package starts at INR 2499. Location is DLF Mall sector 18 Delhi Uttar Pradesh.

5 Cafe Hawkers

It is one of the famous spots to celebrate the new year. Here you celebrate the party with the cheapest drink, amazing food. The best quality service is provided in this café. You can easily find this place, especially in the new year. Timing is 9:00 pm 31 Dec to 2 Am to 1 Jan. Price package is 1000. Location is L-22 Radial Road, Near Odeon Cinema, Connaught place, New Delhi.

6. Kitty Su 

It is a nice place full of music and dance. You can enjoy lots of drinks and tasty food here. This place offers you unique services. It is also famous for private events. It is a luxurious club.

You can enjoy an all night party and dance here. If you want to take some rest, don’t worry, this place offers you hotel room facilities in a lalit hotel. If you are in the mood for a party, don’t miss this beautiful club night party. Timing is 9: 00 pm 31 Dec to 2 Am 1 Jan. Price package is INR 6000. Location is Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught place, Near Morden school, New Delhi. 

7. 38 Barrack

It is one of the most dazzling places for parties in Delhi. You head to this place to celebrate your new year. Make your night very special. This café stores everything. DJ Rishi gave a live performance here. This place attracts you a lot with lots of things Like-band, dhol, and an expert tattoo artist. Timing 9 Am 31 Dec to 1 Pm to 1 Jan. Price package couple INR 5999 imported INR 8599. Location M- 38 ,outer circle, 

Opposite Shankar Market,  Connaught Place, New Delhi. 


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