Rules for successful packaging
Rules for successful packaging

What are the rules for successful packaging? What packaging to choose?

 A:- What is the budget for my packaging?

Before defining the “perfect package” for your product, you need to think about the right budget.

  • Value of the product to be shipped
  • Fragility or sensitivity
  • Mode of transport and risks
  • possible return

As we will see, it is important not to confuse cost and price. Remember that your best insurance is the packaging. Savings on packaging can cost you the value of the item shipped if it is damaged in transit.

 B:- Different types for different functions:

The packaging must fulfill 3 main functions:

  • The outer cover

It will be used to protect the object against all kinds of impact, friction or even water, dust, etc. Therefore, it must be resistant and waterproof. This cover guarantees, above all, the rigidity and composure of the package. Generally, it is the carton packaging that has this function, be it single channel, double channel, triple channel cartons, or even postal boxes. It is possible to combine the different advantages of each product: for example, stretch film allows a cardboard box to be waterproof, protecting the surface and reinforcing its structure.

The quality of the cardboard and the type of channel to be taken into account are related to the type of shipment, but above all, to the dimensions and weight of your package. Do not confuse the box’s vertical compressive strength (maximum weight that can be applied to the top of the box) with the maximum weight a box can hold (which cannot be determined in advance because it depends on the geometry of the box). Object). We remind you that, for good rigidity, it is necessary to choose the double channel for long or bulky packages, as well as for heavy objects.

Do not send a box with the mark of the packed object to avoid tempting third parties, rather send an anonymous package!

  • The internal mattress

The cover is not everything: for a product to be well protected, it must be fixed to avoid possible impacts!

To avoid damaging your object in the event of a crash, it is necessary to cushion it as much as possible. This is even truer if the objects are heavy. This is also especially true when there is a large gap between the “cover” and the objects. Here we find ourselves with the same logic as in a car: would you drive without a seat belt and without an airbag?

There are many products to fix and protect your objects. Depending on your needs, Embalmed will determine the optimal solution for you. Usually:

  • For heavy objects, crumpled Kraft paper is a very good solution: ecological, economical, and above all, it has the advantage of protecting in case of multiple shocks (unlike plastic air cushions).
  • This air protection system is extensive: from plastic air cushions to bubble wrap. In general, the largest “bubbles” are chosen for the smallest objects! Plastic air cushions are perfect for fixing (filling in the empty space) an object, such as a pair of glasses. Bubble wrap will serve to protect large surfaces against possible impacts. It can be ideal for furniture, for example.
  • Foam film is another solution. The foam has the advantage of preserving the surfaces in contact: ideal to protect against scratches caused by friction. The combination of foam + bubble called “flex foam” is an excellent option for art objects/figures and especially for paintings (pictures).
  • Innovative systems are appearing, such as self-inflating cushions in polyurethane foam: a chemical process that allows the cushion to adapt perfectly to the shape of the object: ideal for fragile products of great value.
  • Lastly, damping particles or chips may be suitable for lighter objects. However, the latter pollute and generate more garbage, which is why they have been replaced by the air system or by Kraft paper, popular especially for its “natural” appearance.
  • Ergonomics

What if the best way to avoid breaking objects was by not dropping them?

There is always an unpredictable accident, however, there are ways to reduce the risk. During transport, the package will be subject to a multitude of human or mechanized manipulations. The risk of falls can be reduced if these manipulations are made easier!

Try as much as possible to:

  • Do not lengthen the package unnecessarily: a stack is better than placing them side by side
  • Divide the dough in the package: the heaviest at the bottom center, the least heavy at the edges
  • Maintain a “smooth” surface: no outside handles, etc.
  • Give preference to “square” shapes that do not roll
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the carrier in general!

 C:- Preparation time

An important factor in your choice should be the time required to prepare your package. And as the saying goes: time is money. Of course, this depends on whether it will be you or someone else who will carry out this task. In the second case, an additional 5 mm represents €5 saved! If you normally do the same type of expeditions, it’s time to ask yourself this question. There are solutions that will allow you to save time: equipment, all-in-one, etc. You might consider, for example, all-in-one mailing boxes with the custom pack adhesive tape and integrated cushioning foam! Equipment such ask raft paper crinkling machines can also be cost-effective in the cushioning process. The time spent on the package can also be linked to the quality of the products purchased.

 D:- The quality

Choosing quality packaging is not necessarily more expensive, just choose your supplier correctly! You need to pay attention to the quality of products to avoid false economies. For example, in the case of adhesive tape, depending on the quality, sometimes the amount used, and the preparation time could double or triple! With this waste of quantity and time, you will not have saved much, even if you bought the product at 30% less than the original price! In the same way, we essentially talk about channel to qualify a cardboard, but we must know that the quality of the paper is equally important. In short, you should not only take into account the size when choosing a package!

 E:- Weight

Most carriers bill their service based on the weight of the package. This is a factor that should be privileged when choosing the right solution for your shipment. This is the special case when we have to choose between a single or double channel shipping box. If dual channel is not required, you can save on both the price of your package and the price of your shipping! On the contrary, avoid being stingy: underestimating the size of a package to earn a few pennies, while your product is expensive, can cause great regrets.

 F:- Sizes

Of course, we always try to find the closest packaging to the content in terms of size. However, be aware of 2 essential points: it is necessary to provide some cushioning in the package. The packaging should not overly squeeze the product.

Also pay attention to the dimensions given: are they exterior or interior? (The interior ones are the most important, generally). Tolerances must also be taken into account, since cardboard is relatively soft and elastic (it is not a piece of Goldsmith or mechanics). As for cardboard envelopes or padded envelopes, do not forget to take into account the thickness of your object and do not hesitate to take the largest size if in doubt!

 G:- Classic packaging vs custom packaging

The question is regularly asked: should I ship my products in custom packaging? For an internet seller, the package is the first physical contact between the customer and the brand. Therefore, it can be considered to play a significant role of presentation! Personalization can also be an important means of communication. In the same way, a personalized packaging also allows you to reach the ideal dimensions for the packaging of your products. You can customize all packaging, however, it is reasonable to do so above a certain quantity. In fact, customizing your carton packaging incurs a lot of fixed costs: printing costs are to be expected. Customizing tape is a good deal to start with, as it’s less expensive, allows you to gain visibility, and can be used on all of your packages.

It is not recommended to communicate the brand (especially if it is known or explicit) if high value products are sent that are likely to tempt third parties, to avoid possible theft. In this case, choose neutral packaging to place on top of your marketing package.


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